Sorry in Advance

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Vomit Soaked Womenswear

Posted in Regulars by nwlipton on November 3, 2008

The last time I was in New York City I saw many strange things. That is what staying out too late will get you in such a magical place. Here is one of my favorite moments:

I was riding the 6th train north from Union Square to some place uptown. 

This lady in the train with me was beautiful. Model type. Total east coast.

She had a long and colorful summer-dress on. Great idea to avoid the NYC heat.  

Opposite to her was this dirty old guy. Fat, but not really fat. Belly slightly protruding from his shirt, he swayed back and forth barely able to hold onto the pole in the middle of the traincar.

His face looked funny. Like he had a mouth full of food. He was really sweaty as well. He looked gross, like a monster had impregnated him or some other sci-fi situation that leaves humans sweaty and full.

Then he vomited on her. Three full blown jets. It was an awkward white slime. It must have been drug endused, possibly mixed with a disease. I’m unsure, I never went to med-school.

The pretty lady screamed. As would you. She was now covered in puke, and very alone in the front of the traincar. 

Everyone else got off, including Mr. Vomitface. I then waved at her, gave her a, “Sorry Lady.” smile, and walked off. 

She rode home alone.

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fixed gear gangsters

Posted in Regulars by virginia666 on October 29, 2008

Uh oh. Looks like the fixed gear craze has caught on to the mainstream.

Pharrell acting like he’s “track standing” in front of family guy art. He’s even got one of those lame carrabeaner things that bang your keys against your ass like a cowbell.

Kanye has one too.  The bike is called Brooklyn Gangsta.  If you are a gangster riding a fixed gear and you roll up your pant leg, are you just trying not to get it stuck in the chain or are you carrying a “piece?”

too much cardio

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Kissing Bricks

Posted in Regulars by nwlipton on October 21, 2008

Took this photo roughly a year ago. She told me that she

had woken up on a sidewalk with a broken face.

Kissing bricks is a bad idea.


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Sorry in Advance is my/our/your new blog. 

It deals with stuff.

Sorry in Advance if you feel insulted.

Day 1:

wake up.

create blog.

stare at it.

see you soon.


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